Saturday, November 26, 2011

Utusan Dari Hanoi

Tu diah!! Mrasa kan?? I sekarang kat Hanoi nyah. Datang 2 3 hari semata-mata nak gi Halong Bay bley?

Masa nak boarding tu, aku tersilap pergi bangunan satellite ok. Ye lah, I thought all international departure kat sana. Mrasa sangkut kat duty free sekejap. Burberry ada 30% discount ye Cik Kiah!

After I've put a severe damage untuk account bank, hambik kau ada 15 minit je masa nak pergi ke gate H9 kat main building. Mencicit-cicit lari macam tikus mondok!!

Nasib sempat. Dapat makan nasi lemak on board lagi you. Yang tak bestnya makcik yg duduk sebelah aku tu asyik muntah. Cis potting betul!!

Ok lah, aku nak sambung aktiviti kupu-kupu malam kat sini. Mrasa tukar nama jadi Nguyen Pan Tek!! *matilahhhhhhhh~

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Heathrow Terminal 4

Waiting for the flight adalah sangat boring. I normally have an anxiety attack like a day before the flight scheduled, yang only akan reda by the time I walk in the departure hall.

Doing packing last minute adalah sangat tidak membantu. If I had a flight on the next morning, I'll stay awake all night sebab takut ter'miss' the flight.

Flight malam akan rasa ok sikit. Tu pun ada jugak rasa a bit of uneasy. Alhamdulillah, takde kes tertinggal passport or e-ticket. Cuma menyampah nak kena tanggal everything masa kat customs check.

This time balik dengan MAS. Tu pun sebab diskaun. Kalau tak mrasa!! I'd rather mengkayakan pak-pak Arab Emirates sebab depa selalu ada offer yang menarik. But if ada tawaran menarik from MAS, off course la I akan naik MAS. So far takde bad experience lagi, unlike masa naik Emirates. Tapi redho je la sebab tiada option lain khennnn?

Apapun, I love airport. I love getting lost in the airport, walaupun Heathrow ni azab neraka. Shopping adalah the best part. Sapa yang tak suka duty free ye Cik Kiah??

Dan sesungguhnya saya hanyalah insan yang lemah, bak kata Rohana Jalil...


See you in Malaysia!!!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We Are All Racist!!

Regarding on John Terry racist slur issue, I found it a bit absurd and ridiculous the way the media and the public respond to this matter. As bad as it is, in my opinion, racist comment is not the same as being racist!!

JT is a prick but when people throw insults in anger, they tend to pick up the most obvious and offensive thing to say. To a fat lady, they call her fat bitch. To disabled guy, they call him retard. And in this case to a black guy (Ferdinand), JT called him black cunt!

I'm not defending his action but it doesn't make him racist, just an ignorant twat!!

Let's just admit this, everyone of us is a racist (or have a racist thought), bias and prejudice. But the best of us is the ones who try to overcome those.

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Forbidden Lies

I'm just finished reading this book, Forbidden Love by Norma Khouri. This so-called the author's childhood memoir was about her dear friend who was a victim of honour killing back in the day in Jordan for having a secret love with Christian soldier.

A year after this book has been published, turns out this so called memoir was a complete hoax, fictional dan rekaan semata-mata.

The person that she claimed as childhood friend didn't exist. In fact she left Jordan (with her family) when she was 3 years olds and reside in Chicago!!

There was actually a documentary called Forbidden Lies yang membongkarkan taktik kejam perempuan ni!!

I hate it when people like author and journalist twisted and manipulated fact and literature to gain personal interest and money.

She gave her own interpretation about al-Quran which is totally wrong, about the Syari'a Law, about how honour killing is permitted in Islam, about how woman have no right regarding what have been wrote al-Quran (based on her understanding) dan banyak lagi, which in my opinion was outrageous!!

I really hate to read/see the accusations she threw against Islam and Muslim, particularly Jordanian Muslim women - setting the actual fight to eradicate honour killings back to where it started. Yes, honour killings do happen in many rural Islamic communities. But by making up these stories, Khouri has undermined all the efforts done by the actual activists and worst of all, she has simply highlighted the position of Muslims as the 'Other'. And all for money.

It's not just that, she also had insulted her own culture, her own people, her own birth place and on the top of it, she also insult her own credibility!!

Footnote: Honour killing is not part of Islamic practice. It was part of Bedouin old law code practice long before arrival of Islam.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kita dan HIV

I think I don't need to explain about HIV and how you can get infected with HIV. Sebab rasanya dah terlalu banyak media cetak dan elektronik dok kompang pasal mende alah ni. I just wonder la, sejauh mana kita dan orang-orang kita faham pasal isu.

Sesetengah orang tu siap kaitankan benda ni dengan budaya homoseksual, walaupun percentage penghidap HIV ni yang ramainya adalah heteroseksual yang melakukan unprotected seks secara rambang. Yes, that is the key words, unprotected seks secara rambang. Tak kisah la uols tu straight ke, gay ke atau amfibia yang hidup dua alam!!

I came across to this blog Suci Kudus. Worth reading yet funny!! Dia ada tulis post yang bertajuk: Nora Penghidap HIV di blognya, berdasarkan article yang dipetik dari majalah Mastika.

Sila KLIK image untuk membaca dengan lebih jelas.

I seriously have no problem dengan article yang diterbitkan oleh Mastika. For me it is good to write about something untuk memberi kesedaran kepada masyarakat tentang bahayanya HIV ni. Once you got it, there's no turning back!

Cuma saya tak beberapa berkenan dengan some of the facts dalam article ni:

Saya bingung (bukan bengong ye adik-adik). Beberapa bulan, terus rasa perubahan mendadak?? Setahu saya yang tak berapa pandai dalam subjek Microbiology (dapat C- okay!!), it took years before the virus can completely destroy sistem imun manusia without any medication or anti-retroviral drug. Sistem imun badan manusia sangat kuat. Bila dah sampai ke tahap bila sistem imun dah lumpuh, when all CD4 (white blood celll) dah dimusnahkan, baru la kesan-kesan sampingan ni akan wujud. Simptom-simpton seperti batuk berterusan, demam, susut berat badan. At this point, orang dah tak panggil HIV positive. Ni dah jadi AIDS!!

Thera are millions of people yang hidup with this virus and they don't know they have been infected sebab tak ada tanda-tanda yang ditunjukkan yang diorang ni ada HIV. That is why it is important to do the HIV test every 6 months if you are sexually active!!

Berbalik kepada article ni, despite the intention of the writer (I'm referring to the original writer, not Miss Suci Kudus) adalah untuk memberi kesedaran to the public, I really hate when people twisted the fact to make it right. Somehow I think that whoever he or she referring as Nora tu adalah imaginasi dan fictional semata-mata. If you want to lie sekalipun, at least be good at it. You takde buat research ke bila tulis this article??

Dah la isu HIV/AIDS ni sangat taboo dikalangan masyarakat Malaysia. For them, once you're HIV positive, your life is over. Padahal, that virus is not easily infected dan orang yang kena tu pun bukannya mati esok lusa. Dan disebabkan persepsi masyarakat macam ni jugak la ramai orang takut nak buat ujian HIV. They rather not knowing their status or pretend to be negative and happily infected other!! That is the low of the lowest.

As a writer, dia sepatutnya provide maklumat yang tepat dan terperinci untuk bacaan umum. Bukan mereka-reka cerita berdasarkan fakta yang salah dengan tujuan untuk menakut-nakutkan masyarakat supaya mereka sedar. The intention is good but fact is fact. In the end, it just show how shallow and stupid you are. Tak ke nanti just because of your stupidity, habis semua journalist dituduh putar alam!!

As for us, it is our job to know our status and to let our partner (i.e husband, partner, rakan sex) to know our status and urge them to get tested as well. And it is our job also to make sure yang mereka-mereka yang positif ni tidak disisihkan masyarakat. You won't get affected if you share the same piece of KFC with them. Walaupun most of them yang get infected tu adalah sebab sendiri mencari penyakit, ada jugak yang sesetengah tu unfortunately dapat from their trusted husband/wife/partner or from medical/clinical accident, adalah tidak wajar kita nak judge diorang as a bad person.

Lagipun kat dunia ni ada 1001 viruses and bacterias yang jauh lebih berbahaya dari HIV, seperti virus ebola, flu, nipah dan banyak lagi. Some of this virus only take 5 days to kill you while my friend have been living for 15 years with HIV and counting. All they need is a support from us to keep pushing them to move forward. And it is our job too to treat them as a normal person!

Gituh le ceritanyer!!

By the way, congratulation to my sister upon her marriage (just the nikah, not reception yet!) on 11.11.11. May Allah bless them both!!

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Kita Dan Kerja

When Esah told me about kami yang bekerja dalam bidang providing service kat orang ni, have to give the service to the person in need hatta the person in need it tak ubah seperti babi hutan sekali pun, I felt like a slap on my face (in a good way). It makes me re-evaluate mengapa dan kenapa saya memilih bidang kerjaya saya ini.

Kadang-kadang kita pelik bila kita tengok sesetengah orang yang kerja biasa-biasa dengan minimum wage, tapi hidup dia tak pernah susah pun. Senang dan happy je. Some of us, kerja hebat, gaji tinggi petala langit. Tapi hidup tak habis-habis masalah, tak pernah senang, duit tak pernah cukup, 24/7 stress dan macam-macam lagi.

Macam aku, I am whinging a lot. Too much sometimes. Padahal aku terjun ke bidang ni because I want to and I love it. And I love my job. But I seems to have a love hate relationship with my patient(s), which I think it is not right. Giving care to my patient is part of my job, regardless who they are and how bad their behaviour is.

Kalau dibandingkan kerja aku dengan kerja Esah, I think kerja Esah probably lebih stressful dari kerja aku and she did that for years dengan penuh dedikasi (chewah!). If I were in her shoes, I won't last long. Dapat sorang dua PSY patient yang pregnant pun aku dah rasa uncomfortable. Ish buruk sungguh perangai!

Kerja tu kalau dibuat dengan ikhlas akan menjadi satu ibadah. Dah bila sesuatu kita buat dengan ikhlas jugak, semua benda akan jadi mudah. Pahala pun dapat.

May be it's time for me untuk muhasabah diri and re-evaluate why am I here.

Thanks to Esah for reminding me. I lap you!!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Let's Change Our Focus

I could say a lot of things about SM if I want to, but I won't. Because enough has been said by people with more religious, cultural and more knowledgeable than me.

Apparently, lot of us curse and blaspheme our way around this. You can see them on the newspaper, facebook, twitter and so on. Maybe because we are angry at such ridiculousness of this whole fiasco. Maybe because we are shocked by such audacity. So we resort to the best way to get our message across. We use strong language (include me).

Emotional, YES. Intellectual, NO.

This sickness in our society (include zina, murtad and etc) stems from us, the individuals who make up the society itself. It's like a cancer cell, which keep on growing and spreading, up to the point when it ruin the body function. Within our society, when there are too many cancer cells, and we do nothing to stop or control it, the society will fail. Then ironically, we act surprised!!

Look at ourselves, first and foremost. How many of us actually pray the five times daily prayers?? What about fasting?? Zakat?? Have we ever done something because we love Allah? How many of us love Allah and our Prophet more than our families and friends? These are the foundation of our faith and religion yet, so many of us (include me) close one eyes to developing our iman and taqwa.

Iman and taqwa are the strong foundation to build a strong society. And it is our job and our main priority. The focus to improve our society and makes it stronger should be on ourselves.

Yes, it's easy to blame the West, the non-Muslims and the jews for all the accusations they threw against Islam and Muslims, as well as the 'disease' they caused in our ummah. But, do you think that they would dare to do what they do and say what they say if we had been a stronger ummah? Shame that we Muslim are massively bigger (in term of number) than the jews, and yet we are easily being targeted and head-stepped by them! Not to mention that there are hate and backstabbing among us Muslim brothers and sisters. We called each other kafir. We fight each other just for the sake of power. Some even took an extreme measure by against their our own religion in the name of liberal and modernist!! No wonder we are being mocked by the West and other non-muslims.

So stop cursing those who don't know and those who had put their wrong foot in the wrong shoes. Instead, improve ourselves so that we can stand against these disease/these cancer in our society (so to speak). The Muslim ummah is strong because of our faith.

And that is more than enough.

I am no angel either and this goes to myself as well. May Allah bless us all and help us to improve our iman and taqwa. After all, we are all just a human who sometimes careless and being blinded by duniawi instant happiness.


Saturday, November 05, 2011

Seks Bebas Katanya!!

Seksualiti Merdeka (SM) ni kan dah ada since 2008. Tak tahu la kena tetiba menjadi isu panas. Everything nowadays kan semua isu nak dipolitikkan. Kalau ceramah agama kat masjid pun boleh diharamkan just because penganjurnya adalah PAS, apatah lagi program yang diorang kata menganjurkan seks bebas ni kan??

I wonder la depa-depa ni ada baca ke tak tentatif program SM ni?? As far as I know, takde la pulak tulis upacara berkongkek-kongketan macam setan atau upacara bukake or upacara pecah dara if you won the competition of so and so. Most of it adalah gig, konsert, discussion and who knows it might be beneficial for all of us walaupun uols tu straight/heterosexual.

Ye lah nok, ada setengah jantan ni rengsa kalau bekerja satu bumbung dengan adik-adik lembut ni kan. As if macam adik-adik lembut gila sangat la kat batang dia yang sebesar parsnip tu. Koser lah! Just because ada dua tiga kucing berlari pondan yang perangai cam celaka, not all of them macam tu kan?? It is all about being respectful, regardless dia tu separuh perempuan ke, separuh jantan ke, yang kita sakit hati nak sibuk perbetulkan diorang tu kenapa?? Kita ni dah cukup amal ibadat ke?? Dah confirm tiket express masuk syurga ke??

Bila cakap pasal gay je, semua mesti nak kaitkan dengan seks bebas dan AIDS. Padahal seks tu, tak kira gay ke tidak, banyak je yang bebasnya. Yang bercumbu-cumbuan di Pavillion, yang berkongkek dengan bini orang, bapak main dengan anak sampai termengandung terberanak dan terbuang anak. Tu belum masuk part siang hari kata kat bini 'I lap you', tapi di malam hari cari pondon lorong kata, 'Can I f*ck you?'. Kan?? 5 ringgit je noks!! *ops

Sampai Elton John pun terbabit sekali kan?? Orang selalu kata yang orang kat sebelah barat ni bebas dan bersikap keterbukaan. Ketahuilah, yang bersikap keterbukaan tu mostly yang heterosexual, bukannya set-set yang homosexual. Sebab ia hanyalah akan mengundang hate crime. Jenayah benci dan homophobic ni memang banyak. Sebab tu la ada program-program macam pride and so on, adalah untuk membuka minda masyarakat kat sini untuk menerima perbezaan, to accept the difference. Manusia ni macam-macam dan tak semua kena dengan selera kita. Orang kata, we can't never change people but ourselves!

Memang la kalau kita bercakap pasal agama ni kan, dah terang lagi bersuluh yang memang benda ni dilarang. Kalau kita cakap benda yang DILARANG ni, adalah berjuta-juta benda yang Allah larang kita dok buat jugak kan?? Nama je negara Islam, tapi cukup Islam ke kita jika Islam tu hanya sekadar agama rasmi, at the same time membeli arak semudah ke kedai 7-E?? Buat masjid besar-besar hanya sekadar nak tarik pelancong datang ambik gambar. Pengisiannya takdak pun. Bila time sembahyang jemaah, nak dapat 2 saf penuh pun susah!! Kalau pasal bala Allah ni kan, tak payah tunggu buat SM, sebab lain pun banyak. It is easy to blame on others dari blame diri sendiri kan??

In the end kita ni semua manusia, yang ada hati dan perasan. Kau dok maki-maki orang apa kau dapat?? Kau panggil orang binatang apa kau dapat?? Diorang buat baik ke jahat, dah ada malaikat kiri kanan dok tulis. Kita tak payah nak sibuk. Kita mengata ni pun mendapat dosa kering free free je.

Kalau tak suka, nasihat elok-elok. Golongan yang tertindas, jika ditindas akan menjadi lebih teruk. It is stressful enough to be different. Bila kita jalan melenggang lenggok, dia kata kita pondan. Bila kita jadi pondan betul-betul pakai wig bagai, depa kata 'Hang ingat hang lawa pakai lagu tu..masuk neraka la hang nanti!'. Bila kita berubah jadi lelaki balik, depa kata 'Hang ni sat jadi laki, sat jadi pompuan, apa hang nak jadi. Nak jadi laki cuba keras sikit, meluat aku tengok!'. Tak ke depress pondan tu?? Itu lah gunanya ada program-program macam tu. Untuk membantu insan-insan yang ditindas macam ni. Kau bawak dia jumpa ustaz pun tak guna. Sebab takda ustaz yang boleh bagi dia keras. All he need is a support yang dia tu takde beza pun dengan laki-laki lain, dan dia jugak boleh berjaya seperti laki-laki lain.

Saya ada kawan-kawan yang bujang terlajak, tak kahwin, kerja bagus dan berpendidikan tinggi. Mereka ni buat apa yang Allah suruh, tinggal apa yang Allah larang. Jauh sekali nak berkongkek secara bebas dengan lelaki lain. Diorang tak kawin bukan sebab huduh dan tak laku. Masing-masing lebih hensem dari saya. The reason mereka tak kawin adalah sebab mereka ni tak ada perasan kepada perempuan. In other word, emotionally gay. Bukan semua gay tu suka berkongkek sesedap rasa ye.

I really adore and respect them. Walaupun mereka ada keinginan merogol lelaki jambu, tetapi mereka tidak melakukannya. Kahwin dengan perempuan is not an option. What is the point of kahwin kalau takde perasaan cinta terhadapa spousenya ittew?? Mereka tidak menuruti keinginan mereka ini sebab mereka sayangkan Allah, agama dan nabi melebihi keinginan mereka untuk berkongkek sesama jenis.

Bagi saya ini adalah JIHAD. Jihad melawan hawa nafsu. Walaupun jihad ini tidak la sebesar jihad fisabilillah, tapi nilainya tetap besar di sisi Allah.

Iman saya pun hanya setebal kulit bawang. Tapi bak kata Sir Feiyan, sama-sama la kita berusaha untuk menjadikan ia setebal kulit sawit. If you beg to differ, tu masing-masing punya opinion. But, maki hamun semua tu hanya menambahkan dosa masing-masing. Benda-benda macam ni dah lama ada. Nama pun akhir zaman kan?? Daripada kita dok sibuk kirai kain orang, baik la kita sibuk kumpul bekalan akhirat sendiri. If you think that you have a duty untuk betulkan ummah, tegur secara berhikmah.

Dan ketahuilah, the worst of the worst among all adalah orang yang hipokrit atau munafik. Yang dok preaching about Islam this and Islam that, in the end, dia itu pun tidak la seelok mana. Yang dok kata gay ni so and so, dia lah yang dok kalut melanggan pondan dan escort boy. Ishhh!!


Ada la malaun ni kata dia bantah SM sebab menghormati Islam agama rasmi. Kau tengok la blog dia ni. Sila klik SINI. Memang menghormati agama Islam sangat!!! (AMARAN: Blog ni untuk 18 tahun ke atas sahaja!!). If you want to remain discreet, than be discreet. Buka blog yang penuh gambar XXX tu bukan discreet namanya. Tu sendiri cari penyakit la budak oi!! 'Barang kemas' ala kadar pun nak tunjuk kepada umum!!!


PS: Just because I don't know how play football, it doesn't make me less men than those who played!!

PPS: Saya ampunkan dosa orang-orang yang pernah mengata saya, mengeji saya, mencerca saya because in their definition saya ni pondan, menjatuhkan martabat lelaki dan confirm masuk neraka.

Entry Tertunda!

Ni lah namanya entry super tertunda. Birthday dah lepas ages ago, tapi aku terlupa nak upload gegambar yang diambik on my 28 years young day! But hey better late than never. I just want to share few photos on my big day!

Ta dah!!! Celik-celik mata terus nampak benda alah ni kat living room.

Birthday cake hasil belas ihsan tuan rumah...

Blow baby blow *matilah lucah sangat!!~

Excited membuka hadiah...

The clan!! Thank you so much. We had a dinner at local French restaurant. They make a very nice creme brulee!

The Malaysian Clan: Aizat and Ida (and her husband Phil). Both Aizat and Ida working in the same place as me. Psttt Cik Kiah and Esah, Ida tu ex-TKC!!

Gitu le citernya. Hadiah?? Ada buku, ada perfume, ada DVD...cuma takde Louis Vuitton je!! Matilah demand kannnnnnnn???

Anyway, SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDIL ADHA kepada semua pembaca blog saya dan juga rakan-rakan yang mengenali dirikiewww yang KUDUS ni. Semoga kita semua mendapat manfaat dan hikmah dalam merayakan hari raya korban ini. InsyaAllah.

Kepada rakan-rakan yang pergi mengerjakan haji, semoga anda semua mendapat haji yang mabrur dan sentiasa selamat dalam mengerjakan ibadat haji.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Political Satire

I'm not a big fan of Najib dan kuncu-kuncunya, pembangkang pun tidak juga. I could not care less lah about all political issues/gimmick on both sides. Yang pasti, politik itu kotor!!

Tapi bila aku tengok gambar ni kat FB, serius aku tak boleh tahan gelak. Especially tang Nyah Pul Kaki and Bik Mama Mah. Kah kah kah!!

Macam gampang je sapa yang buat ni. Memang lawak. Bodoh pun ada jugak. It just show yang politik Malaysia tu penuh dengan budak-budak hingusan dan tak cukup akal. Ustaz Harussani pun terkena sekali?? Ish!!

Grow up please!!

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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The FB, The Turtle and something in between..

Al kisahnya la kan, ada la sorang kawan aku ni telah meletakkan gambar sepinggan telur cenggini di FB dia.

Jadi, saya pun sungguh la terperanjat bila found out yang menatang tu adalah telur penyu. Telur penyu back in the 90's memang sangat fofuler. Kat Rantau Abang tu kan siap macam pesta bila time penyu datang naik bertelur. Punya la ramai orang datang tengok penyu bertelur. Kalau tengok saja takpe, ni dok ambik telur penyu buat jual. If I were the penyu, sure aku akan stress. No wonder la penyu sekarang dah tak nak singgah Rantau Abang yang once was said as a home of leatherback sea turtle! Hambik kau!!

Aku bukannya nak jadi environment hero kat sini. Tapi sendiri pikir la. Penyu tu kan endangered species. If bertelur dan menetas pun, most of the offsprings punya life cycle tak panjang. Tak sempat nak membesar dengan sihat dan kuat. Baru terkedek-kedek nak masuk dalam air after hatching, dah kena makan burung la. If they managed to get in the water, kena makan dengan jerung la and so on. Tu belum masuk part yang mati sebab tercekik sampah dan macam-macam lagi.

So, kita sebagai manusia yang dikurniakan akal fikiran ni patutnya lebih tahu with what we are doing and the consequences of our wrong doing. Dah tahu benda tu endangered, jangan la makan. Punyalah banyak telur-telur yang boleh dimakan dalam dunia ni yang boleh dimakan, kenapa nak jugak makan telur penyu. Ada telur ayam, telur itik, telur angsa, TELUR LUKMAN (matilahmakkkkkk!!) dan jugak telur ikan tembakul yang menjadi punca mak kepada Melur dan Atan merajuk dan bunuh diri kat batu belah batu bertangkup...makan la selagi boleh. Takde sapa pun nak larang!! *matilah merepek kejap~

Kalau bukan kita nak menjaga alam kita sapa lagi?? Bukan ke tu salah satu sebab mengapa Allah jadikan kita ni sebagai khalifah kat muka bumi?? I didn't ask you pergi join greenpeace bagai. But sometimes a small effort like meminimalkan penggunaan lampu can make a huge impact to our environment. Macam aku ni pun tidak la seextreme sampai air mandi pun nak recycle buat siram pokok. Just buat apa yang kita mampu. For instance, bawak reusable shopping bag instead of guna beg plastic or recycle your newspaper and magazines. Menjaga alam sekitar ni bukan kerja Angelina Jolie dan kuncu-kuncunya sahaja Leha oi. Alam ni kan milik kita bersama, so sama-sama la kita kena jaga.

On the way balik kerja tadi, masa tengah tunggu bas, aku ada terperasan sorang mamat asian (read: oriental) ni dengan daringnya tunggu bas pakai vest top/singlet je sambil tayang badan dia yang berketul-ketul tu. Eleh nak menunjuk le tu (matilah berburuk sangka kan??). Not that I'm jealous with his body, nor that I am dying to have one. Tapi come on lah apek, it was 8 degree kot?? Kalau tengah jogging tu lain la cerita. Even aku pun kalau keluar jogging time-time macam ni, aku akan pakai sweatshirt or long sleeve thermal vest.

Orang kata kalau nak bergaya or menunjuk-nunjuk pun biar la berpada-pada. Jangan la over. Orang bukannya akan impress, tetapi jelik! Summer dah habis. Paham?? Sementelah orang putih yang duduk kat sini pun berbungkus-bungkus macam nasi lemak ok. Even kanak-kanak spastik pun tahu pakai winter jacket time-time sejuk macam setan ni!

But shame on the face though. Harapkan badan je lawa. Tapi muka astagfirullahalazim. Saleh Yaakob elok sikit. Agaknya sebab tu la kot sakan dok tayang sakan badan dia?? Kurang bernasib baik in the looking department?? *ops~