Monday, July 13, 2009

The Return of MERENG Guy...Guy ke?? *ops

*cilok sket ayat Makmok tersayang...

It has been a MONTH..fuh!! Such a long hiatus I guess. Sorry guys for keep you waiting. Kind of lazy to update and at the same time I do feel that blogging isn't exciting anymore. Maybe because it less drama now or no more catfight scene. What a life without caci maki and deraan mental kan?

Tetapi, bila difikirkan balik, ni la tempat aku mengadu nasib dan lain-lain lagi. Blog ni dah jadi macam pendengar setia aku. A good listener and never judge me. So I guess, I just keep it and need to push myself to update more regular than usual.

Dealing with death is a part of my job. It is and still the toughest task in my list. I'm very bad in comforting people who's morning about death. It become more overwhelming when baby is involve.

It was never an easy job to me. And to make it worst, it happened to someone who work with you.

You see her everyday. Keep on teasing her with the nastiest joke about being in the labour room. Tell her the frightening stories about giving birth to the first baby through SVD.. Yes, it was her first pregnancy after been waiting for about a year. You never thought that she going to lose all of it at 37 weeks of pregnancy right in front of you during regular check up. Breaking the bad new is even harder. With the tears and everything, all I can say is, "Sorry for your lost...".

First of all, let me tell you what had happen on that day. She's actually diabetic. Normally diabetic mother tend to have a big baby and her is huge. It reached almost 4 kg at 35 weeks of pregnancy. I never saw her control her eating habit by the way. She kind of takes thing easy type of person. Eventhough the baby movement is not as frequent, she don't even bother to do CTG.

She just asked my colleague to check the baby weight, but what she saw is negative fetal heart. He called me to double comfirm. All I see was a nice four chamber non moving heart. Pity her.

My condolence goes to her and family...

My advise if you want to get pregnant or already pregnant:

1. Know your risk if you get conceived.
2. If you're diabetic, make sire you control your diabetic before you conceive.
3. Be careful with what you eat, drink etc.
4. Smoking and alcohol is a big NO NO.
5. Control your weight.
6. Be extra careful and precaution in whatever you do.

And please be very very hygienic during your pregnancy...

Lots of love!! xxxxx