Saturday, February 28, 2009

And the Oscar goes to.....

Life is so full of drama.
All of us are actors and actresses in our own definition.
Full of acts, emotions and such.
Some of pretty good, while some maybe looked SO FAKE!!

I not complaining or anything.. *kannn??
I mean, what the heck...I'm also playing a big role in my own life.
In my own drama!!
So, can I just say that I have enough of it?
I don't need anymore Drama Queen in my life!!

It just pathetic and I don't get it.
How can this people live their life like that?
The drama sometimes is just too much...
Rasa macam nak tarik jer rambut orang-orang macam ni sambil menjerit..
"Get a LIFE sundels!!"

Here's the example.
A likes B so much, but B not really into A.
A tries to flirt with B, and B just layan all the flirtatious words and acts from A, just to be nice with A.
But A took it so seriously and thought that B gives a good response to it.
And A pun confesslah to B, and B have to reject it nicely and said that they're just a FRIEND.
But, A can't accept it and start to create the drama by saying that B was the one who start flirting and giving hopes...

Then A started to create another drama.
His life is over lah...
He feel cheated lah...
A keep on asking his friend... "Kenapa orang baik macam aku selalu terima nasib macam nih??".
Or... "Gosh...he made me feel like Ugly Betty!!". (MOTIFF??)
Then A went to 'alam barzakh' mode...ala-ala terkubur gituh.
Try to show the worls how miserable he is...
Menghilangkan diri, close his blog, facebook etc.
With hope that people will start to searching him, pity and so on.

But the reality is, people don't really care!!
And when A found out the reality, he has no choice but to menjelma kembali with the theme..
"I'm back as new life and no more drama. Enough is enough...".
Pleaselah!!! Attenttion seeker sangat!!

Come on la....
It's normal la kan?? Broken heart, failure in something..
Life is like that!! What do you expact??
You fail, you pick up yourself back..and you learn from your mistakes.
That is the circle of life!!

But I do enjoy to watch this drama.
Not to mention that I was that type of person before, errmmmm not that bad DQ type anyway.
But I grow up!! *kununnya la...

So, I just sit back, relax and keep on watching this drama.
Who knows...I might gives a STANDING OVATION or perhaps a round of applause??

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ceritera Tentang Sahabat

Do you have friends??
What type of friends are they??
Childhood friend? BFF?? Or maybe just a clubbing friend atau sahabat pena (pen pal)?

Ok, speaking of childhood friend, aku agak kagum bila melihat some of my friend, who can maintain their strong friendship with their childhood friend.
It's happy to see them still playing poker while enjoying their sisha (don't know whether I spell it right or not) and teh tarik or nasi lemak.
Gossiping about this and that.
It's FUN!!

I don't know where's my childhood friend.
Perhaps, I don't remember whether I have one!
As my childhood, all I can remember is HATE!!
Yup, I hate those people who keep on made fun over me.
Hate those people who keep calling me those name like pondan, bapuk etc.
Always came home with teary eyes.
Too bad my parent never try to understand.
They keep saying that, those people keep on calling me that name because I'm too sissy!!
What the heck?? So the blame is on me now??
Shouldn't 'those people' that we have to blame...for their arrogant not accepting diversity and different type of human....for not accepting someone different?? *sigh

I think, maybe that was the reason why I always play with my brother and sisters, cycling around my kampung with my bicycle and sang lullaby, went to the river and peeped the boys who always mandi bogel tanpa seurat benang..LOL~
Go to the top of the hills in the jungle and kebun getah behind my neighbour's house and played with the echoes.
Shouted 'Heyyy' and 'Hoooo', and wait hopefully that there will be someone to reply my call, but it never happen.

During school break, I never spend my holiday at home. I rather spent it with my Granny.
Especially after a long year lived with my Granny since born, I still think that's the best place to go during my cuti sekolah and my parent get fed up with it.
Maybe that is the reason why my Granny love me so much compare my other siblings and cousins.
Oh yes, the other reason why I always wanted to go to my Granny's place was my cousin.
She's not just cousin, practically sister and my only childhood friend...I guess.
Ah..she's married and became mom already. Her husband is a nice guy. The best thing is he kind of can figure out the real me..I mean about me being something wrong somewhere, which funny because he keep telling my cousin about me being 'special'.
Anyway, my cousin know exactly my type but off course we keep it for ourself!!

Going to school, I have few friends.
But I only have a little close friends.
And to date, not much of them still keep in touch with me except course he's my housemate now.
I never thought that our plan to stay together and work in KL came true.
It's funny somehow to see how fate brought us together.
Off course there was a fight...long ago, but we managed to overcome it.

As for Shahida, my MUMUK, who's being such an understanding and cool girlfriend.
She can eat like no other girls can. Heyyy..I like a girl who can eat a quarter of Nando's chicken and always make sure that I didn't steal her food!!
I can say that, if one day she's still single (I means she's not single now), I would rather take her as my wife or at least as someone special...because she deserve that...she deserve to be taking care of....

[Why suddenly I sound so romantic??] :P

Further study in UM, really open my eyes and broadened my horizan.
Friends?? I have a lots of them.
They are really cool about me being myself.
Well, during that time, you have to know that I'm nothing like myself today.

I don't think that I have to mention about them as I always write about them in my previous post.
We called ourselves as 6 JAHANAM, which initially just 6 of us.
But friends come and go, and it happened to be more than just 6, and yet the name still 6 JAHANAM.

Ohhh...should I mention that we act nothing like JAHANAM??
It just a spontaneous word that came out from Jimmy, the most popular mamak and the most talkative among us...well, that was what he referring to himself, not us.... *self proclaimed sgt!!
To be with this jahanams, you really need a strong esophagus because we laugh A LOT!! Gila-gila punya gelak sampai hentak-hentak kaki tangan kepala segala.
I really missed those moment....

Working life is way too different from my campus life.
Yeah, still keep few friends, keep updating each other but not as much as before.
Meet up once in a
Then, I made new friends with few cool people like Super F (Frid & Ford), Amirul, Amir....just to name a few.

Sometimes terfikir jugak, bila kita berumur sikit, will those people still befriend with us.
Bila hidup berubah, arah hidup berubah, maka kawan pun akan ikut berubah jugak ke??
I hate the word GOODBYE, but for some reason, when we move on to something that others (I mean current friends) don't really like, we can't help it and we have to say the word, and years of friendship come to an end....and I hate that!!

The fights?? Drama??
That are the bitter sweet in friendship.
I'm not saying that I'm good either. But sometimes people always get me wrong. Yes I know..I do said harsh things, attacked your personal.
Mulut longkang konsepnya...sampai ada yang sentap!!
Mulut aku ni memang senang terlepas cakap. So, just accept me that way...sebagaimana aku terima korang.
But I always trying my best to cakap berlapik, mengatur bicara agar tak mengguris hati sesiapa, but sometimes it slipped away.....and in the end...I regret!!
For some friends, they might get offended, but after a while, they cool back...but for some of them, I'm way too much...
So bila, dah terlajak mendayung sampan, susah nak direverse balik walaupun konsepnya senang jer nak reverse sampan, but they can't accept it and they just GONEEEEE....
Segala sisa kenangan persahabatan tu lebur dek kerana sentap (yang aku rasa tak berapa sangat).. <-- adakah ini ayat self-centered dan cuba menutup kesalahan sendirik?? huhuhu

Konsepnya, bila kau sentap..kau jerit je, "Mak SENTAP uols!! Sudeehhhh!!"
Pastu DQ tutup blog facebook bagai...
Lepas habis jer drama tamil tu, baik balik la kan?? After all, they are your friend...

My BAD!!
Bak kata Elyana, "Mulut saya ni jahat..tangkap la mulut saya, gari la mulut saya, penjarakan la mulut saya...".
For some friends, I felt guilty....
Ada yang aku bertalu-talu mintak maaf, but they still menghukum aku..
Kaedahnya aku dah menconteng permanent marker and left permanent scar kat muka dan hati diorang...
Well, hukumlah aku selama mana yang korang suka...

But for some friend that I put them dalam golongan 'hansueng bin hansuang yang tak memberi manfaat...' , kau nak sentap?? SENTAPlah!!
Setakat aku carut, "Cantik ker kau kalau nak dibandingkan dengan koala bear?".
Tu pun kau nak sentap selama 5 purnama kan??
Pergi mamps la kau!!

Mak panggil kau teletubbies pun nak sentap ke?? Kowserrr!!!

Looking back on the thing I've this few years, I'm glad that I have such a cool friends.
Hate them or love them, they are the only person that keep me on my feet and be what I am born to be.
If I didn't have my friend, I don't know what I should do.
Without them, I don't know where I belong...I feel helpless...
I don't know how am I supposed to live my life without them...

Nota kaki: Saya CUBA membaiki diri sendiri sebelum memfire orang...CUBA yerr...CUBA!!

*Istighfar dan muhasabah diri*

Dasar pengkid GEMUK!!!

Ei GERAMnyaaaaa!! *matila mukadimah
Seryes GERAM to the max!!

I have nothing against orang gemuk..lain la FORD!! Dia memang anti sket (sikit ke??) dengan set-set cikGEM ni... *kan Ford?? Hohohohoho
Cuma 2-3 hari ni ada je orang-orang gemuk yang raised my blood pressure!!

"You!! Don't make my blood go upstairs!!"
*matila Julie Dahlan

Kalau dah tahu badan tu GEMUK, motif kau duduk bertenggek depan pintu LRT tu?? Dah sah-sah la badan kau pun cuma ngam-ngam jer dengan pintu LRT tu kan??
Hissshhhh marah betul aku!!!

"Makan la fries ni uols!!"

Cuba belajar-belajar sivik sama. Bagi la orang yang nak keluar dari train tu keluar dulu, then kau masuk la. Yang kau gedik sangat nak masuk sebelum aku keluar tu KENAPA?? Ova skals!!

Ni lah perangai orang tak bertamadun. Berebut-berebut mengalahkan orang kebuluran kat Mozambique yang dapat bantuan makanan dari UNICEF!! Kau tahu tak Mozambique tu kat mana AMIRUL?? Kan?? *tu belum tanya pasal perang saudara Puak Hutu kat Rwanda lagi kan??

Sudahhhhh!!! Malas aku nak meroyan weekend-weekend ni....

PS: Puas dapat menatap wajah Abang Stephen Rahman semalam....ahhhh suka!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Itu ini...Begitu begini....

Ah...akhirnya selamat juga aku pulang ke tanah air tercinta dan sucheee ini.
Suche katanya!!

Akhirnya, pulang jua Gusti Putri ke city that never sleep ini...Key EL~

"Adinda bersumpah....
Jikalau kekanda kembali, Adinda akan menyusur Kekanda...
Menginjak atas tanah yang sama...
Bernafas dengan udara yang sama..."

Belayar berbelok-belok,
Sauh dibongkar di laut tenang,
Yang pergi hati tak elok,
Yang tinggal hati tak tenang....

*terus bawak key Siti Nurhaliza*

"Cinta datang...tanpa diundang...seumur masa tercipta.."

**ova skals!!

Hey awas yer carot. Walaupun aku ni ala-ala open seperti mana luas LJ Amirul *matilamak*, tapi tetap ye sopan santun bersimpuh bagai. Budaya timur gituh...bukan budaya TIMOR TIMOR atau TIMOR LESTE yer Ford!!

Hampeh betul!!
Balik dari UK terus pergi kerja ye next day. Tapi it's ok la because I do feel excited about coming back to work. I even arrived half hour earlier that day. Tapi tetap la datang dengan tema...iaitu..

[Say NO to GYNEA scan!!]

Kan?? Matila kena tindakan tatatertib sebab memilih pesakit kan??


1) Kalau aku buat gynea scan, normally I will end up by doing transvaginal scan (scan melalui vagina/pepet).
2) In order to do this, sah-sah la I need my patient to mengangkang in front of me kan??
3) So, bila dah mengangkang tu kan, sah-sah la terserlah segala bulu-bulu yang mekar sejambak ibarat hutan hujan khatulistiwea kat banjaran Crocker di Sarawak!!
4) Tu belum masuk bab bau yang very the menyahut panggilan alam. Fenin mak uols!!
5) Dicampur kesemua faktor ni, at the end of the day aku just rasa tak lalu makan and geli.

Aku bukannya apa korang. At one point, aku dah larat nak pepet ni semua okay. Frankly said kalau Malay or Indian, I still considered to do it or on young Chinese (sorry if what I'm going to say ada mengecikkan hati sapa-sapa), tapi not to makcik2 OC.

I just don't understand some people. Kau dah tahu kau nak jumpa Gynea bagaikan, off course la dia akan check semua benda dalam kain tu. Boleh tak kau trim or cantas vulus-vulus itu?? Tu belum masuk bab tak mandi pagi lagi. Padahal kat Malaysia ni, rahmat Tuhan bagi...air melimpah ruah, murah, bersih...tapi tetapkan tak reti-reti nak mandi pagi. Or at least, you know you're going out to meet doctor, tak boleh ke datang wangi-wangi sikit??

Ada sekali tu, ada makcik OC ni datang sebab post menopausal bleeding. So aku pun scan punya scan la from her abdomen. Tau je la makcik-makcik bukannya boleh tahan air kencing lama-lama. So since dia ni empty bladder, image ultrasound harus la LAHA kan?? Terpaksa la aku buat ikut bawah. By the time makcik tu kangkang jer...seluruh cubicle tempat scan aku tu berbau!!

Bila aku cabut keluar probe (alat yang dimasukkan ke dalam vagina untuk scan), probe yang dilindungi oleh kondom itu bersalut lekitan berwarna kuning pekat...EEWWWW!!!

"Mak nak pengsan uols!!!"

So, kaum wanita, apa la salahnya kalau korang jaga sikit kebersihan 'ehem-ehem' korang tu. Kalau bukan hari-hari pun, at least on the day nak jumpa doktor tu, pandai-pandai la nak buat apa untuk tunjuk kat orang yang korang tu tahu menjaga kebersihan diri. Kalau vulus-vulus tu dibiarkan berbirai-birai seperti rambut Macy Gray, jangan salahkan mak kalau laki korang chabot lari!!

"Motif nama MAK kena seru??", Macy Gray..

Aku dah penat menaip benda-benda berkaitan hygiene korang ni. Pandai-pandai la korang nak hidup. Bak kata Akak Ziana,

"Sendiri makan pengat, sendiri mau ingat la Dek Non.."

Have a great week uols!!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Mansuh ke tak??

Pagi-pagi, mulut ni gatal je nak membebel...tangan ni gatal je menulis.

What's the issue??
Apa lagi kalau bukan isu PPSMI - Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Sains dan Matematik dalam bahasa Inggeris.

Aku pun tak faham la dengan perjuangan orang yang menetang PPSMI ni. Tak patriotik katanya. Tak mendaulatkan bahasa kebangsaan kata mereka. Ya ampunnnn!! (Sebenarnya nak tulis WTF - patriotik weh...patriotik!!).

Suka sangat diorang mempolitikkan isu ni kan?? Setahu aku la kan, banyak je lagi benda yang boleh kita lakukan untuk mendaulatkan bahasa melayu instead of mansuhkan PPSMI. Sedangkan menteri pun cakap BM tak betul. Tengok je la Sammy Vellu (pembetulan bekas menteri), dia dah lebih 20 tahun jadi menteri, tapi cakap BM macam budak tadika. Tu belum lagi bab-bab mencedok perkataan bahasa asing dan dimelayu atau dibahasa malaysiakan contohnya FANTASY menjadi FANTASI/FANTASIA, IMAGINATION menjadi IMAGINASI, MAGIC menjadi MAGIS. Kenapa tak wujudkan perkataan BM yang seerti dengan perkataan bahasa asing itu seperti BAND menjadi KUGIRAN, MELODY menjadi IRAMA...dan lain-lain lagi.

Jangan samakan kita dengan Jepun atau Korea sebab kita memang tak sama dengan mereka. Jepun adalah negara yang berdikari. Depa tak perlu nak mencedok ilmu dari barat untuk kegunaan R&D, sedangkan kita....mencedok ilmu sains dan teknologi dari Barat melalui buku-buku ilmiah yang ditulis dalam....BAHASA INGGERIS. Bukankah ini satu peluang bagus untuk anak-anak kita kerana mereka didedahkan dengan perkara sebegini seawal peringkat sekolah rendah?

Patriotik?? Ah....persetan dengan persoalan tu. Aku nak tanya apa hak kau nak persoalkan aku punya patriotik?? Adakah cukup patriotik seseorang tu jika beliau bertutur dalam BM, makan dengan menggunakan tangan dan duduk bersila...tidak duduk di atas kerusi??

Tengok sajalah dalam majlis-majlis seperti Juara Lagu, Anugerah Industri Muzik dan lain-lain lagi, kenapa tak dimulakan dengan menyanyikan lagu Negaraku?? Sedangkan dalam rancangan American Idols peringkat akhir, mereka mulakan rancangan mereka dengan menyanyikan lagu Star Spangled Banner, lagu kebangsaan USA!! Kenapa tidak kita buat benda yang sama??

Sistem pendidikan kita ni kerap sangat berubah. Asal tukar menteri jer, mesti berubah. Yang jadi mangsa sapa?? Anak-anak kita...yang merupakan pemimpin masa hadapan!! Kenapa tak baiki sahaja sistem yang sedia ada?? Perlu diingatkan, PPSMI diwujudkan bukan untuk meningkatkan penguasaan BI, sebaliknya untuk meningkatkan penguasaan ilmu sains dan matematik dengan lebih meluas kerana kebanyakkan buku ilmiah berkaitan sains dan matematik adalah dalam BI. Pembelajaran BI masih perlu dipertingkatkan.

Daripada mansuhkan itu ini, wujudkan itu ini, kenapa tak kita improve what can be improved and perfect what can be perfected??


**matila ending tergantung

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

An evening in PARIT!!

The famous Eiffel Tower di waktu malam

Tu diah!! In PARIT katanya!! LOL~~
Parit mana tak tau. Parit Sulong ka?? Matila rumah Pian....chihihi :P

Honestly, never in my live I thought that I could come to this place, but thanks to my Ralph for made my dream come true.

First time nampak Eiffel Tower dari jauh, hati aku dah melonjak-lonjak nak pergi ke situ. Dalam keadaan suhu yang makin sejuk (it even worst compare to London), di tambah pulak dengan bayu sedingin salju, aku dengan Ralph gagahkan kaki juga berjalan menuju ke Eiffel Tower.

Padahal ada jer underground train pergi situ, it just the train map is messing up. Both of uslike blurr and just keep on walking until at the end of the road we saw this huge tower in front of us. At that moment, I'm just speechless. To see this tower right in front of my eyes...I get carried away...

The next day, tetap yer gigihkan diri pergi ke Eiffel Tower lagi. Tapi kali ni naik train la sebab ala-ala macam dah tahu sikit. Hari ni,aku dengan Ralph gigih yer panjat tangga naik Eiffel Tower tu,and we have to pay damn 4 euro okeh!!

Tak kisah la. Tapi view dia sangat la cantik, minus the cold mind yang menyebabkan jari-jemari aku ala-ala separa frost bite.

Eiffel Tower...I will come back one day!!

Back to London is more frustrating. First of all, I have to deal with this BBCB (British-born chinese BITCH!!) immigration officer, who gave me a rough time. She keep asking me about my travel details, my job in Malaysia....I'm like, WHAT?? Kalau kat airport aku takde la kisah sangat pun. Beside, kat Heathrow pun aku lepas for God sake!! Read on the damn passport. Mentang-mentang la aku ni Asian kan??

Second, delayed Eurostar for f*cking 2 hours?? Ralph dah membebel-bebel dah dalam train pasal delay ni. Entah hapa technical problem tah.

Sampai jer London, it is heavy snow!! Aku pun melompat la gumbira seperti budak darjah dua. Ralph kata, dah lama takde salji during winter kat London. 
During that night, the snow fall even heavier. And it's beautiful. For someone yang tak pernah tengok salji macam aku ni, rasa macam nak bergolek jer dalam salji sambil nyanyi lagu Taal ala-ala Aishwarya Rai...bleyyy?? Hiks~

It's beautiful right??

Ok lah, I'll stop now.
You guys have a great week ya...